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In his quest for answers and some adventure, Brazilian cartoonist Rafael Corrêa decides to make a film to organize his memories and find out if the death of a frog is the origin of his degenerative disease. 

DOC | BRAZIL | 75 min. | 2024

Directors: Thais Fernandes & Rafael Corrêa

MS'd Up - My Life With Multiple Sclerosis

Status: Finished | Seeking World Premiere

What are things for?

While trying to get her bike back, which has been sent to a general repair store to be dismantled, Bê, a 10-year-old girl, makes friends with the other objects in the place and discovers that they are not broken, they just dream of having other functions.

FIC | BRAZIL | 15 min. | 2024

Directors: Thais Fernandes & Tainah Dadda

Status: In Post Production

HOW TO FILM A SECRET is an essay film that mixes documentary and fiction to present the journey of first-time director Dionéia Fernandes in the process of learning about cinema while trying to tell her own story. At the age of 65, she decides to investigate a doubt that hangs over her origins: is she really her parents' biological daughter? Born as a twin, Dionéia shares with her sister a common reality in a Brazil still submissive to patriarchal culture - an upbringing in which being a woman is not only a difficulty, but also a "failure". Prevented from studying in her youth, it is now in her old age that she decides to use cinema as a tool to think about identity. If who we are is a story - who is the narrator of our lives?

Director: Dionéia Fernandes 

Script: Dionéia Fernandes & Thais Fernandes

Status: In Develpment

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