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Projeto transmídia selecionado para o 
Visions Du Réel 2016


Project select for the 
Visions Du Réel 2016

Highlights the following works:

A FEMALE BODY (2018 | Short Documentaty / Transmedia Porject  - 20 min.) 

When we give something a name, does it lose or make sense? "A female body" proposes an apparently simple game - it asks women from diverse generations the definition of something that in theory unifies them. Part of a transmedia project, the film is the main entrance to a narrative that has many points of view and no right answer.

The Last Picture (2014 | Short Fiction - 06'36'' min.) 

Eduardo is a teenager that lives intensely today’s over documented reality. One particular day he is confronted with the hard task to decide which will be the last image of his grandfather´s old photography camera.


The project is result of the CANON SHORT FILM COMPETITION, held during the Berlinale Talents 2014. 


The Invented Village (2014 | Webdocumentary / Transmedia project) 

2º Level of the transmedia project started with the awarded movie "The Village". The webdocumentary explores the mystery of a small town in the south of Brazil that is disappearing. Through a guided tour over a map, the visitor can know the place’s buildings and dwellers, and also gradually unveil the mystery that involves this peculiar town.


General Coordination and video editing: Thais Fernandes
Director: Liliana Sulzbach
Sound Design: Kiko Ferraz Studios
Layout Development: TAT STUDIO
Website Development: Cupcake Sweet Entertainment.

Passaporte para o Exílio (2013 | Transmedia performance) 

Why artists keep moving from place to place? Is a single city/place able to feed all our artistic needs? Actors, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists and other artists reflects about physical space and creation on their work. 

Performance designed on the internet, with a live presentation presented also on streaming.

Directors: Ricardo Zigomático and Thais Fernandes


Love Contract (2012 | Short Documentary - 3’40’’ min) 

In a square of Santiago de Cali, Colombia, it is still possible to order words of love.

Screenplay and Directors: Camilo Rodriguez, David González, Leonor Jiménez e Thais Fernandes

Editor: Thais Fernandes


Window (2012 | Short Documentary - 3 min.) 

The windows are like the eyes of a house. When opened, by them enters the world.

*Winner at “Tr3s Minutos”, in the category free theme. 

Director and Editor: Thais Fernandes


Cities Redesign(2012 | Short Documentary - 15 min)

Cities Redesigned presents the current issue of urban development from the point of view of the illustrators, cartoonists and humorists Santiago and Edgar Vasques. With great sense of humor, the two talk about estate speculation, chaotic traffic, segregation of private condominiums, the ecological unsustainability and poverty. Produced by Tempo Porto Alegre to Canal Futura.

Director: Liliana Sulzbach | Editor: Thais Fernandes


Felizardo – Um retrato em Meio Tom (2012 | Short Documentary -  15 min)

Short documentary about the work of Luiz Carlos Felizardo, recognized Brazilian photographer.

Director: Liliana Sulzbach | Editor: Thais Fernandes


Sonho de Guri – (2011 | Documentary series - 4X15 min.) 

A documentary series about boys who dream of being soccer players. 

Produced by Tempo Porto Alegre to RBSTV.

Director: Liliana Sulzbach | Editor: Thais Fernandes


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